[Standards] XEP-0060: max-items (publish-options et al) council action required

Philipp Hörist philipp at hoerist.com
Sun Oct 6 11:32:44 UTC 2019


I think Daniel meant, whatever the servers max limit is.
For bookmarks to work i dont need to know what the max limit of the server
If its 1, then so be it, you will never have more than one bookmark, fix
your server.

I also dont need to know what the storage capacity of MAM is, or how much
files i can upload before they are getting deleted.
Yes if a server has a limit on storage capacity at the end data is lost at
one point, but i dont think a client should monitor that.

Point here is, if there is no "whatever the max limit is" option, then
every client is forced to set a arbitrary value for max-items. This means
the node gets reconfigured on most pushes in a multi device setup.


Am So., 6. Okt. 2019 um 13:20 Uhr schrieb Maxime Buquet <pep at bouah.net>:

> On 2019/10/06, Daniel Gultsch wrote:
> > Therefor I propose wording for XEP60 that 'clarifies' that max-items 0
> > means unlimited.
> Is there a way to know as a client when we're going to run into the
> limit? Or when we've gone over the limit? Or is the pubsub service just
> overwritting stuff and nobody ever noticies?
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