[Standards] XMPP Council Agenda 2019-10-09

Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Tue Oct 8 20:30:32 UTC 2019

The XMPP Council will be holding it's regular meeting tomorrow (Wednesday)
at 1500 UTC. The agenda is collated from (in order of reliability):
* Github pull requests and issues marked "Needs Council":
* Random mails from Standards List
* Random suggestions directly to me
* A discussion in council@ the day before where Jonas and I frantically try
to collate everything.
* Things sent in reply to this message because, let's face it, things get

I (try to) send out the final agenda about 24 hours in advance.

Agenda as follows:
1) Roll Call

2) Agenda Bashing

* Feel free to pre-bash if you think something's missing.

3) Items for voting:

a) ProtoXEP: Message Retraction


This is a very old ProtoXEP that's been edited and resubmitted. I *think*
it's due a vote.

4) Outstanding Votes

5) Next Meeting

6) AOB

a) Georg wishes to thrash out CS-2020, please review

7) Close

Note that I'm aiming for 30 minutes.

Meetings are normally held every Wednesday at 1500 UTC in the
xmpp:council at muc.xmpp.org?join
<http://xmpp:council@muc.xmpp.org/?join> chatroom.
Meetings are open, and anyone
(XSF Member or not) may attend, though only XMPP Council members may
vote. Relevant comments from the floor are welcomed.


(As Council Chair).
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