[Standards] XEP-0288 - Bidi - Maybe CFE?

Maxime “pep” Buquet pep at bouah.net
Tue Sep 3 10:58:05 UTC 2019

On September 3, 2019 10:55:18 AM UTC, Dave Cridland <dave at cridland.net> wrote:
>Thanks for your snappy response.
>On Mon, 2 Sep 2019 at 18:13, Ruslan Marchenko <me at ruff.mobi> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Am 11.01.2019 um 15:04 schrieb Philipp Hancke:
>> > Am 18.12.18 um 09:45 schrieb Dave Cridland:
>> >> Hi folks,
>> >>
>> >> I'm thinking of asking the Editor to issue a Call For Experience
>> >> XEP-0288.
>> >>
>> >> I would do so now, but I'm not entirely sure who actually
>implements it.
>> >>
>> >> So, who does implement it? (And is your implementation open
>> >
>> > I did, a long time ago in psyced. Its opensource but hasn't changed
>> > ages. I still use it and it continues to work -- even though i seem
>> > have had quite some issues with Dave's server at times.
>> >
>> > Its still useful, I always considered one-way s2s a bug caused by
>> > (or lacking) authentication mechanism in the initial design.
>> >
>> I've recently realized my bidi implementation lacks SASL External
>> outbound support - but when trying to implement it I figured my bidi
>> external test now fails because the target I used earlier for BIDI
>> end2end test (metronome.im) now dropped its support. So now wonder
>> whether there's any known issue with this so that no one supports it
>> the wild? I have always thought this is the future state of s2s and
>> sooner or later everyone would move to it but it looks quite

Not sure where you got this impression. There's actually quite a few servers lately with bidi support since it's been marked as "stable" in prosody modules. Somebody had stats on prosody@ iirc.

Maxime “pep” Buquet

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