[Standards] MIX Join: JID or ID?

Steve Kille steve.kille at isode.com
Fri Apr 3 13:02:16 UTC 2020


Apologies for my tardy response here.

>From XEP-0369 (MIX-CORE), the following should be deleted:  " as well as the
bare JID that will be used for the user in this channel and added to the
participant list".   In MIX-CORE, the real JIDs are always visible, and so
this text is not relevant.    I think it is desirable to strengthen the
text, to make clear that the stable ID is mandatory.

Hiding JIDs is covered in XEP-404.   The stable ID enables a user to
recognize itself, so there is no need for a JID to be returned.

XEP-0405 example as you note, misses out the mandatory stable ID.   This
needs fixing.

Let me know what you have sorted, and what you would like me to sort



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> Hi List!
> XEP-0369 (MIX-Core) section 7.1.2 about joining a channel states that
> when the users server sends a join request to the mix channel, the
> channel responds with an IQ of type result. Further it states:
> "This stanza includes the nodes to which the user has been successfully
> subscribed, as well as the bare JID that will be used for the user in
> this channel and added to the participant list. The user's Stable
> Participant ID is returned as an 'id' attribute in the join."
> However, the given example (example 18)[1] does only contain an 'id'
> attribute, but no jid. It is also no further specified in which form the
> bare jid should be present.
> XEP-0405 (MIX-PAM) on the other hand shows the channels response
> containing a 'jid' attribute, but no 'id' (example 6)[2].
> What is the correct way? Do we need both 'id' and 'jid' at the same
> time? Is one of them optional? Can we deduce the 'id' from the 'jid'?
> Paul
> [1]: https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0369.html#example-18
> [2]: https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0405.html#example-6
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