[Standards] OMEMO 2 or MLS?

Daniel Gultsch daniel at gultsch.de
Fri Feb 7 15:09:08 UTC 2020


I have had that discussion with a few people shortly before the summit
and then again during summit after Dave’s talk.

I think the short answer to that is 'both'.

OMEMO2 is something that is actually achievable on a relatively short
notice. We are going to spend the 'OMEMO sprint' (see other thread) to
write that down.
Note that OMEMO2 isn’t just fixing the hard dependency on libsignal
but also fixing how we use PEP and some other things. I think we have
enough knowledge within our community to pull that off.

MLS is probably going to be a third iteration that can learn a lot of
lessons from 'OMEMO2', given that the XMPP part of it (how client init
keys are distributed), how SCE is used, … will probably work very


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