[Standards] Proposed XMPP Extension: Simple JSON Messaging

Paul Schaub vanitasvitae at fsfe.org
Wed Feb 19 11:11:56 UTC 2020

If they wanted to send objects via XMPP, they could simply serialize their data to XML.

I can see a use case for this XEP for people that just "want to get the job done".

IMHO it makes no sense to convert JSON to XML and back simply so that it pleases someone who is looking on what's send over the wire.

19.02.2020 12:06:31 Marvin W <xmpp at larma.de>:

> Hi,
> On 2/19/20 1:33 AM, Dave Cridland wrote:
> > But honestly I think choosing to go such a route would be overkill. I
> > understand the sentiment, really I do, but the fact is people seem to
> > look for the simplest solution to getting JSON over the XMPP session,
> > and I think that's probably what we have here.
> > 
> Are they really searching for JSON over XMPP or are they searching for
> object over XMPP and it happens that JSON is a string only
> representation of objects (that is commonly known) and thus can be
> easily put in body which only takes strings? I would like to find and
> fix the real issue that developers have with XMPP rather than
> establishing a base for a bad practice that developers adopted because
> of an issue. This XEP is rather trying to improve symptoms and not to
> fix issues.
> Marvin
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