[Standards] Question about XEP-0045

Jurre van Bergen drwhax at riseup.net
Thu Jul 16 17:15:13 UTC 2020


Someone brought to my attention that in XEP-0045 that "fully anonymous"
MUC's are still indirectly supported.

As listed in point 10.1.3 where I quote: "Note: The _whois configuration
option specifies whether the room is non-anonymous
(a value of "anyone"), semi-anonymous (a value of "moderators"), or
fully anonmyous (a value of "none", not shown here)."

However, if I look at point 7.1.6 Semi-Anonymous Rooms and 7.1.5
Non-Anonymous Rooms which have an explicit mention,
I'm a little confused.

Apart from 10.1.3 has a spelling mistake s/anonmyous/anonymous is this
intended as spec 0.6 from 2002 mentions:

Version 0.6 (2002-09-21)

More clearly defined the scope; removed fully anonymous rooms; changed
meaning of semi-anonymous rooms and of non-anonymous rooms; added
mechanism for notification of full JIDs in non-anonymous rooms

Could someone shed some light on this? 



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