[Standards] Evaluating gitlab.com as new location for XEP Editor repositories (xeps+registar)

Sam Whited sam at samwhited.com
Sun Jun 14 14:45:16 UTC 2020

What are the technical advantages?

Also just in general, I completely disagree. We need to be where the
people are, and the people are on GitHub whether we like it or not.
Don't split up the repos and make XSF resources even harder to find than
they already are, don't make things more complicated than they need to
be, and everything will be fine.

Please don't do this.


On Sun, Jun 14, 2020, at 10:31, Jonas Schäfer wrote:
> Dear community members,
> TL;DR: Due to considerable technical advantages, the Editor team is
> considering moving the repositories currently hosted at
> github.com/xsf/xeps adn gitlab.com/xsf/registrar to gitlab.com/xsf.
> This will reduce delays in processing XEP changes and revive the
> Registry. Detailed explanation and plan below.

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