[Standards] Proposed XMPP Extension: Reminders

Marcos marcos at tenak.net
Mon Mar 2 10:56:58 UTC 2020


thanks for your comments, Florian.

Florian Schmaus writes:

> I think creating/canelling a reminder should rather be an ad-hoc command
> and not an IQ. This way, clients do not need to implement another IQ
> protocol-flow, but can re-use their (potentially) existing ad-hoc
> infrastructure.

This probably escapes from my current understandings of the protocol, so
thanks for pointing it out and I'll try to have a read over IQ handling
logic, specially at client side (an issue Andrew already exposed).

> Also  § 5.2 / Example 7 "Server sends a reminder" should include just a
> <body/>, and not invent another <body/>-like extension element (<text/>).

Makes sense.

> The 'timezone' attribute in <date/> is not necessary, xep82 data-time
> profiles already encode the timezone (the 'Z' at the end of the String).

Indeed, this slipped in from an early write up where no reference to
XEP-0082 was yet present.  It has been already amended.

Best regards,

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