[Standards] Call for Experience: XEP-0184: Message Delivery Receipts

Andrew Nenakhov andrew.nenakhov at redsolution.com
Fri Mar 6 10:08:10 UTC 2020

пт, 6 мар. 2020 г. в 13:39, <yagiza at yandex.ru>:
> Hello!
> No, it's impossible to determine, if the message was delivered with Chat Markers, 'cause Chat Markers allows you to send marker not for every message. So, if you didn't receive "RECEIVED" marker for a message but received the marker for the next one, you have to consider the first message also received. That sounds stupid, but that's what XEP says.
> So, to be sure that message was really delivered, we need Message Delivery Receipts.

It is not possible to determine with Delivery Receipts either. If you
were offline when they were sent, you will not receive them.
If the recipient was offline when the messages were sent, a client
won't send the receipts too. So, it is only relatively good in a
situation when both chat participants are online.

Anyway, the idea to ensure delivery between clients is just plain
wrong, because they are not designed to be constantly connected.
Servers, on the other hands, ARE designed to be constantly connected,
so it should be a server's job to keep track of such things (and we
actually do exactly this).

Andrew Nenakhov
CEO, redsolution, OÜ

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