[Standards] Council Minutes 2020-03-11

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Fri Mar 13 23:46:33 UTC 2020


1) Roll Call
Present: Zash, Jonas, Georg, Daniel
Apologies: Dave

2) Agenda Bashing
Nothing to add.

3) Editor's Update
* ProtoXEP: Reminders
* Expired calls: CFE on XEP-0066
* Calls in progress:
  - CFE: XEP-0184 (Message Delivery Receipts), ends: 2020-03-17

4) Advance XEP-0066 (Out of Band Data) - https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0066.html
Daniel: -1 (very little feedback)
Jonas: -1 (a few sensible points brought up on-list - those should be addressed first)
Georg: -1 (missed the CFE; pretty sure it's not There Yet)
Zash: -1 (eh)
Dave: [pending]

Daniel thinks there seems to be a general lack of feedback on XEPs, and wonders why that is - does the community not know this is important? Jonas suggests discussing this in AOB.

5) Outstanding Votes
There are votes to made, though the one about to expire is vetoed anyway; see the Spreadsheet of Doom [1] for more details.

6) Date of Next
2020-03-18 1600 UTC

[For those who have recently participated in the customary bi-annual clock fiddling, this will appear to be one hour later than usual; normality shall resume after the 29th, when Europe catches up.]

7) AOB
Jonas was under the impression that there was above-average feedback during this LC/CFE spree; Daniel had been hoping for more feedback on XEP-0066 (Out of Band Data) and XEP-0398 (User Avatar to vCard-Based Avatars Conversion) - Jonas agrees that the amount of feedback was pretty low on these.
Jonas is unsure how to find out the reasons for the lack of feedback. [Suggestion welcome.]

Daniel would like to inform Council that the OMEMO issues should be resolved now - the GPL situation has been resolved, and there are more authors who are willing to incorporate feedback. Jonas had noted the extensive update, and is pleased to see that it now uses SCE.
Pep adds that, although the specification is no longer bound to the GPL, this doesn't necessarily mean that libraries are no longer under GPL (anyone wanting a non-GPL implementation may be required to do some work themselves).

8) Close
Thanks all

[1] https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ANu9KGmNf2r-qpLYqF7NdJTtqA1GIu55rf2deKbM0GA

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