[Standards] LAST CALL: XEP-0393 (Message Styling)

Marvin W xmpp at larma.de
Mon May 18 13:24:45 UTC 2020


On 18.05.20 14:48, Sam Whited wrote:
> What would you think
> about changing that language to a MAY just to make sure the idea stays
> in peoples heads but so that we have softer language? The point was
> supposed to be that this is an implementation and client choice.

I do think the XEP should continue to RECOMMEND displaying the styling
directives or even make it a MUST. This is the only way to ensure
consistency between clients and also displaying them is what
non-supporting clients do, what you are supposed to type, etc. So it is
very helpful to see them.

And as mentioned there are false positives. One example of a false
positive is "> <" kaomoji at the beginning of the line, which according
to 393 is a quotation. If clients interpret it and then no longer
display the ">" (as a popular Android client does), only the "<"
remains, making it impossible to spot as the original kaomoji.

While it has downsides that one can't use 0393 to generate "This is
<b>bold</b>", but I also think this is fine. 0393 does not need to be
able to handle *all* cases (and never will due to restrictions implied
from using styling directives inside the body). I merely wanted to point
out that 0393 does not completely fill the gap introduced by deprecating
XHTML-IM and that further work is needed (for example based on 0372
and/or 0394) to get some features back that we lost on the go.


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