[Standards] Council Minutes 2020-05-20

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1) Roll Call
Present: Zash, Georg, Dave, Daniel, Jonas

2) Agenda Bashing
Nothing to add.

3) Editor's Update
* Calls in progress:
  - LC for XEP-0393 (ends at 2020-05-26)
* Expired/Expiring calls:
  - LC for XEP-0320 (ended yesterday!)
  - LC for XEP-0339 (ended yesterday!)

4a) Advance XEP-0339 (Source-Specific Media Attributes in Jingle) - https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0339.html
Daniel: +1 (feedback was positive and it's a nice topic)
Jonas: +1 (sparse feedback, but thoroughly positive; also two independent implementations)
Dave: +1 (same reasoning)
Zash: +1
Georg: [on-list]

4b) Advance XEP-0320 (Use of DTLS-SRTP in Jingle Sessions) - https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0320.html
Georg: [on-list]
Jonas: +1 (similar amount and kind of feedback)
Daniel: +1 (few but positive feedback)
Dave: +1 (same deal)
Zash: +1

5) Outstanding Votes
There are still some [Advance XEP-0280 (Dave and Georg), and Channel Binding Pseudomechanisms (Georg and Zash)].

Jonas considers it worth discussing whether his veto on Channel Binding Pseudomechanisms is exaggerated. Zash would be okay with it if the changes mentioned on-list were applied. Daniel asks whether Jonas agrees that Florian's proposal [1] would be better - Jonas does - Daniel thinks, then, that everyone [minus the author, Sam] wants it to change in that direction, so Sam should just change it and then Jonas can remove his veto.
Jonas thinks it will be good to get this under the XSF umbrella and fix things there, and so changes his veto to +1 (in the hope that it'll get fixed to not be pseudomechanisms); Zash adds a +1 with the same reasoning.
Sam signals his reluctance to change the current draft, but would still like it to be accepted and documented somewhere, and it's fine if Council wish to immediately Reject it; Sam may start a separate document, as it's clear nobody else likes pseudomechanisms, but has yet to see how well the other suggestion works. In response, Jonas reinstates his veto (rationale given on-list [2], plus a clear statement by the author that they don't want to change the document to fix things.)
Sam thought it worth documenting proprietary things which aren't necessarily recommended, but are good to have written down in case others wish to be compatible - Dave and Jonas refer Sam to the Wiki [3].
Daniel queries Sam's issue with Florian's proposal - Sam expects it may be fine, but still needs to go back through the thread before making a decision.
Jonas notes that Sam can re-propose the document if he does decide to change it.

6) AOB
Dave is really pleased to announce that Sam's "Best practices for password hashing and storage" draft has been adopted as a Kitten Working Group draft [4] - Sam hopes it will be 'only' 10 years before it's published as an RFC - Dave hopes it will bring some useful feedback.

Georg inquires about the routing sprint - Jonas will send out the planning email tomorrow.

8) Closing
Thanks everyone, yall, Jonas, and…

7) Date of Next
2020-05-27 1500 UTC

Though Georg is not going to Denmark, he still might not make the next two meetings (but should be able to vote on-list.)

8) Closed
…thanks again!

[1] https://mail.jabber.org/pipermail/standards/2020-May/037347.html
[2] https://mail.jabber.org/pipermail/standards/2020-May/037388.html
[3] https://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Main_Page
[4] https://datatracker.ietf.org/doc/draft-ietf-kitten-password-storage/

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