[Standards] LAST CALL: XEP-0393 (Message Styling)

goffi goffi at goffi.org
Mon May 25 13:29:03 UTC 2020

Le 2020-05-25 15:01, Tedd Sterr a écrit :
>> But there is no way to know if the text is formatted or not, there
> is no
>> marker, discovery, or anything to indicate that styling syntax is
> used.
>  The assumption is that styling is always present and enabled, and so
> it's always applied to all text -

We can't assume that, many clients don't implement that, because they 
predate the XEP, the devs don't want to implement, or they use case 
doesn't involve any need for that.

> if there happens to be no styling
> directives then there's no real harm done.

yes there is harm, you don't know if "*something*" is styling or not.

>  Not that support necessarily implies it is being used, and not for
> all messages. A simple '<body styling="inline">' might be useful?

yes that's the idea. Not `styling=inline` because we don't use 
namespaced attributes and thus I don't think we can add an to <body>, 
but something after the body like `<style xmlns="urn:xmpp:styling:0" 
activated="true" />` (or whatever I don't really care), would mitigate a 
lot my concerns (and would also allow a client taking screen reader into 
account to remove formatting). I'm still not found of this XEP, but at 
least I could then live with it.

>  Many implementations will obviously ignore all of this and send
> anyway, but there's little we can do about that either way; at least
> we can encourage its use moving forward.

The question is do implementations want to have something friendly and 
interoperable or not (and in the latter case, why using XMPP at all?).
With proper flagging, I would be less hostile to this XEP, and probably 
implement it.

Jérome Poisson (Goffi)

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