[Standards] Stable is the new Draft

Jonas Schäfer jonas at wielicki.name
Tue Aug 31 15:41:46 UTC 2021

Hi everyone,

There have been lots of discussions[citation needed] (feel free to trawl the 
list archives yourself... :) ) on the wording we use for our specifications. 
The term "Draft" for our non-Final but also non-Experimental standards has 
been adopted from our "mother" organization, the Internet Engineering Task 
Force. The IETF has since abandoned that term.

Yet, it remains with us. In the recent years it has been a source of 
confusion[citation needed] about this term by newcomers and people not 
familiar with the XMPP ecosystem. They thought that a Draft Standard may not 
be ready for deployment (despite the fancy green text saying otherwise) or 
that it may change substantially, both of which are decidedly untrue for our 
documents in Draft state.

So... The day has finally come. Thanks to Sam who stood up and proposed a pull 
request to update the wording in XEP-0001. As of today, our formerly "Draft" 
standards are called "Stable".

I am sure there will be some hitches on that road. There is some tooling to 
iron out, but this first update immediately patches the view of all XEP 
documents we publish (old versions in the attic will stay as they are).

I hope your are as happy about this as I am :). (or at least not as angry or 
sad about it as I am happy about it, that'd be a start already)

kind regards,
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