[Standards] UPDATED: XEP-0434 (Trust Messages (TM))

Florian Schmaus flo at geekplace.eu
Tue Jan 12 09:15:15 UTC 2021

I am surprised to find that this XEP does not specify the format of the 
key identifier anywhere (at least I couldn't find it).

I had expected to find that the key identifier is qualified by the 
encryption scheme of the key. That is, instead of

we have

<trust type='omemo'>

And then a section explaining how to derive the key identifier for the 
given 'type'.

Not having the key-identifier format clearly specified appears to be a 
security risk: Imagine someone sending a distrust message and the 
recipient does not understand the key identifier because it uses a 
slightly different way to derive it.

One further minor remark: I do not like that the semantic of 
trust/distrust and the key identifier is convoluted. I personally would 
have designed an extra element for key identifiers.

<key-identifier type='omemo'>

which then gets wrapped into <trust/> or <distrust/> elements.

The separate <key-identifier/> element allows to be re-used at various 
places, which, I believe, makes the verification of the element more robust.

- Florian

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