[Standards] Council Minutes 2021-10-06

Jonas Schäfer jonas at wielicki.name
Wed Oct 6 15:39:51 UTC 2021


1) Roll Call

Present: Jonas, Zash, Georg, Daniel, Dave

2) Agenda Bashing

It was late.

3) Editor’s Update

- LCs started: XEP-0379, XEP-0401, XEP-0445

4) Items for Voting (or Discussion)

4a) Deprecate XEP-0411
URL: https://github.com/xsf/xeps/pull/1111

There was a brief confusion where some thought that XEP-0411 (Bookmark 
Conversion) is converting between XEP-0048 (deprecated) and XEP-0402 (Bookmark 
2). In fact it is converting between two different storage methods (Private 
XML and Private PEP) of XEP-0048.

In that light, Jonas and Dave are generally in favour of deprecating, while 
Zash advocates to involved the community more in that decision. A thread has 
been started for that.

5) Pending Votes

5a) Advancement of XEP-0459 (Compliance Suites 2022)

There has been some discussion on list. Jonas thinks that advancing with open 
discussion points is counter-productive because further changes are then gated 
by Council.

As a middle ground, Jonas will poke the list as well as the author to advance 
the discussions and get them settled. The council vote has been extended by 
one week.

6) Date of Next

2021-10-13 15:00Z (+1w, as usual)

7) AOB


8) Ite Meeting Est

Thanks everyone.
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