[Standards] XEP-0330 (Pubsub Subscription): inconsistencies

Goffi goffi at goffi.org
Wed Mar 23 10:23:49 UTC 2022


I'm checking XEP-0330, and I've found a couple of inconsistencies:

1) section 1 says that the namespace is "urn:xmpp:subscription'", but in examples it's actually "urn:xmpp:pubsub:subscription" which is used. A quick check on pubsub from a Movim instance seems to show that the later is used.
2) the item ID generation method doesn't correspond to the text:
 	a) step 3 says "Append the name of the node, followed by the '<' character" but the '<' character is not following the "party" node in the example
	b) step 4 says "Append the jid of the current account" but this is not done in the example
	c) when doing SHA1 sum of "pubsub.montague.lit<party" I'm getting "ee1ebb8880ec673ae0f9e50ab31ad0219aa22c0e" and not "de6c6772ff43d9a604ea78e51ce28b63ab8692eb" like in the example

Beside that there are 2 general problems with this XEP:

- it's only solving half of the problem: you get public subscriptions of a user, but you don't get which users are subscribed to a specific node
- clients have to keep in sync the node with their own subscriptions, and this can get really messy if one client support XEP-0330 and not other ones

I"m thinking about an other way to solve public subscriptions, I'll make a proposal in the coming days.


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