[Summit] Introduction

Nathan Bell nathan at intrigomedia.com
Wed Jun 25 17:01:37 CDT 2008

Hi all!
The upcoming.org listing said that if I want to show my face at the 
summit then I better introduce myself on this listserv first, so here I 
am attempting to do just that! :)

My name's Nathan Bell, I co-founded and run a smallish web app 
development firm in Portland, OR and I've recently switched roles from 
being lead developer to working full time on "special projects", a fancy 
title for "go work on some open source stuff and don't bother the other 
developers".  I'm currently interested in the open web, as described by 
those working on OpenID, OAuth and within the DiSo effort.  I follow the 
social at xmpp.org mailing list and am interested in non-IM ways to utilize 
XMPP (XMPP as a social networking notification bus being one such use).

In my new position I'll be splitting my time between contributing what I 
can to the DiSo project, contributing code to the http://communit.as 
project which is an unreleased but soon to be open source social 
networking platform rooted here in Portland (I'll be porting DiSo WP 
plugins to it eventually), and tinkering with whatever else meets my fancy.

I'm looking forward to seeing lots of super bright people milling around 
Portland next month and to meeting some of you in person for the first time!

Nathan Bell
Partner; Special Projects
Intrigo LLC
Mobile: 520 631 6131

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