[Summit] Prepaid cellphones

Florian Jensen admin at flosoft.biz
Tue Feb 3 16:19:14 CST 2009

Belgium is a 100% prepaid country. Contracts are rarely seen, as you  
can't get free phones with it. Hence everything is pre-paid. That  
said, I can roam data cheaper with my UK card in Belgium than with my  
Belgian card.

The most reliable network is Proxmimus. They have their pre-paid  
service Pay & Go. Just go into a shop, buy a P&G sim and use it.  
Normally it's 25€ for the card with 25€ credit.

Data is 49ct / 5 mins. Use WiFi. Data in Belgium is useless, but very  
very very fast and reliable. Having seen the UK, I fell in love with  
Belgian 3G. It's just so much faster. And you can actually use it in  
the Metro and in a building.


Florian Jensen

On 03 Feb 2009, at 22:05, Nathan Fritz wrote:

> Do you know where I can get a prepaid cellphone in Brussels? Man,  
> I'm going to feel naked and isolated without email, maps, identica,  
> etc on my phone while in brussels. I hear roaming with an iPhone  
> just isn't worth it.
> -Nathan Fritz (cellphone)

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