[Summit] Social Event on Thursday

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Tue Feb 3 17:33:26 CST 2009

Dirk Meyer wrote:
> Dirk Meyer wrote:
>> Remko Tronçon wrote:
>>>> I will arrive around 17:30 at the Hotel. I never went to Brussels before
>>>> and do not know any good location. Suggestions?
>>> Whenever I'm in Brussels and I need a quick bite, I like to go to the
>>> Bar a Tapas (http://www.baratapas.be). Then again, it's Brussels:
>>> there's about one restaurant per 10 inhabitants probably. Just go to
>>> the city center, and you'll find stuff to eat.
>> This thread died somehow. I like a Tapas bar. It also has the advantage
>> that we do not have to eat at the same time if some people arrive
>> later. I suggest 19:00 at Bar a Tapas and for those staying at Hotel
>> Bedford, we walk from the Hotel at 18:45. Comments?
> No comments on that? Unless someone has a better idea, I will proceed
> with this plan and hope someone else will come. The FOSDEM page has
> still no photo from me, so look out for a guy without glasses and short
> brown hair. I will be at the lobby of the Bedford around 18:40 and walk
> to the Bar a Tapas 5 minutes later. If someone wants to join me (us?)
> later, send me a private mail and I can give you me mobile phone number
> (I will not do that on a public mailing list).


My mobile number is listed here:


I'll try to get the FOSDEM pages updated tomorrow, Thursday at the latest.

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