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On 7/11/10 4:13 PM, bear wrote:
> On Sun, Jul 11, 2010 at 11:36, Steffen Larsen <zooldk at gmail.com>
> wrote:
>> Hey Tom and Others,
>> Me too, Really looking forward to meet all of you. By the way,
>> where (in which room) do we hold the summit??.. Have we got any
>> rooms at the OSCON conference?. If so, where and when?. I believe
>> that it should be monday and tuesday. I'll am off all monday, but
>> might use some of my time tuesday on the Cloud computing summit. If
>> anyone would like to discuss scalability, bosh, jingle etc. then
>> count me in. At the moment I am working with IPTV, set-top boxes
>> and XMPP. :-)
> We don't know for sure what room it is until we get closer to the 
> event (heck, may be even the day of) so I will be in contact with 
> Peter and will be arriving Sunday so I can be at the conference hall 
> early Monday morning.

It is room D133 at the Oregon Convention Center.

> The only thing we have planned for sure is the XMPP Tutorial
> slideshow and also that we really want to do Inter-Op testing.
> People are of course welcome to form whatever small groups they want
> to discuss other items :)

Yes, usually we keep the agenda informal and sketch out what we want to
do when we arrive. But ideas are welcome before then, naturally!

Unfortunately, I've had some personal/family stuff come up that will
prevent me from attending Summit #9 (the first time I'll have missed
this event). I'm going to deputize bear and fritzy to handle things in
Portland and will put them in touch with our friends at O'Reilly for
logistical purposes.


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