[Summit] devroom schedule is final!

Winfried Tilanus winfried at tilanus.com
Thu Jan 24 12:02:46 UTC 2013

On 01/24/2013 11:30 AM, Dave Cridland wrote:


> I was going to suggest that it could be a topic to discuss over the
> summit, but thought talking about marketing and branding might be too
> untechnical for most.
> I think I may have been quite far wrong on that - sounds like there may
> be enough interest.

Well, maybe I am too far ahead of the crowd, but I don't feel there is
much to discuss here.

At a presentation on XMPP, I got the question "what is the relation with
Jabber?" The answer I literally gave was: Jabber is an open
chat-network. XMPP is the protocol that grew out of it and that can be
used for much more then just chat.

Because one of the other questions was: "What would you NOT do with
XMPP?", I think there is not much of a marketing issue to discuss at the
summit. Just market XMPP.


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