[Summit] Short Talk Proposal - XMPP in Research

Dominik Renzel renzel at dbis.rwth-aachen.de
Fri Jan 23 16:23:47 UTC 2015


during last year's XSF dinner, we talked to some of you (Yusuke, bear) 
about contributing a research perspective to the XSF communication 
strategy. By now, we've setup a blog focused on XMPP in research.


Core contribution is an ongoing collection and discussion of research 
papers and demos using XMPP, including carefully curated BibTeX. Until 
now, a gang of four from RWTH Aachen University and Technical University 
Dresden is committed to continue this collection over time. However, 
we're open for contributions from other researchers to make XMPP more 
visible from a research perspective, maybe under the official roof of 
the XSF.

If you are interested, we could present and discuss this work during 
Summit 17 in a short talk.


      Dominik & István

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