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Peter Saint-Andre - &yet peter at andyet.net
Tue Sep 29 16:44:08 UTC 2015

On 9/29/15 10:32 AM, Kevin Smith wrote:
> On 29 Sep 2015, at 17:27, Peter Saint-Andre - &yet <peter at andyet.net> wrote:
>> Sending direct with cc to summit at xmpp.org.
>> I realize that the Summit next (!) week might be more of a meetup than a true Summit, given that only me, Matthew, Sam, and likely Fippo and Lance will attend in person. In the interest of making it as productive as possible, I'd like to hear from you all about what topics you'd like to cover.
> Thanks Peter.
> While there’s lots of interesting stuff at the moment, I’m mostly at a stage where the things I’m interested in need some people to go away and fix up their ideas (e.g. MUC2, pubsub-from-a-JID), rather than wider review right now.

Agreed. I think we can make some progress on MUC2 because many of the 
folks there are presumably interested.

> A couple of exceptions:
> 1) I think we need ways of referring to data. E.g. referring to pubsub nodes, or referring to files, or whatever. :oob might be part or all of the solution here, but some smart people thinking about it couldn’t go amiss.

Ah, that's interesting. This fits in a bit with MUC2 because it'd be 
good to have ways to associate files with rooms.

> 2) ‘I’ve read this’ synchronisation between clients really isn’t a solved problem that I can see, and I’d like it to be. Again, smart people solving my problems for me would be good.


The things that Evgeny raised on the list are good, too: push, file 
transfer, MAM, Carbons. Let's get this stuff finished.


Peter Saint-Andre

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