[Summit] XMPP experts for joint meeting of W3C WoT IG and IRTF T2T RG 25-28.1.2016 in Nice, France

Sergey Dobrov Binary at JRuDevels.org
Fri Jan 15 14:28:01 UTC 2016

Hi Johannes,

I sent you a letter privately saying that I could probably help, but 
need more details and not sure if I'm an expert enough in the needed 
field, just not sure if you received it or it was gone to spam.


On 30/12/2015 17:00, Hund, Johannes wrote:
> Dear XSF members and XMPP experts,
> I've been occasionally visiting a few summits and meetups as XMPP is gaining more and more importance in the IoT space.
> On that behalf, I would like to point to a face-to-fae meeting on Jan 25.-28. 2016 near Nice, France.
> It will be a joint meeting of the "Interest group on the Web of Things" of W3C and the "Thing-to-Thing research group" of IRTF (the research arm of IETF).
> Both groups are discussing the use of open internet technologies and applying best practices from the web for IoT applications.
> I am chairing a task force that is chartered to investigate APIs (such as scripting layers) and bindings to commonly used communication protocols for the discussed models.
> I would like to have some experts of XMPP in the discussion and it would be great if we could get some people of the XSF join us on this meeting.
> For further information, please refer to this wiki site and/or contact me:
> https://www.w3.org/WoT/IG/wiki/F2F_meeting_2016,_January,_26th_%E2%80%93_28th,_France,_Nice
> Best regards,
> Johannes
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