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Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Fri Jan 11 11:27:56 UTC 2019

Hithertofore, I have undoubtedly made convolutions and circumlocutions
adbundant in my speech - henceforth shall I pay great attendance on those
blessed with languages different from my own. I ask only that should my
tongue veer to words obscure, or should I be found to use some vernacular
of which others are not cognisant, I be made aware such that I might render
my thoughts in a more propitious manner.

Translation: This probably applies to me. I'll try to use English everyone
can understand, but if I don't, please say so and I'll be happy to try and
say it differently.

On Fri, 11 Jan 2019 at 10:54, Guus der Kinderen <guus.der.kinderen at gmail.com>

> Hello everyone!
> As we're preparing for another summit, I'd like to share some feedback
> that I received last year.
> Our group is diverse: attendees come from different backgrounds. Not
> everyone masters the English language to the same degree, which is
> something that we should probably be more aware of.
> Last year, some of the attendees were not able to follow some of the
> discussions, as the level of English used was to high for them. Sadly, I
> wasn't aware at the time. I was very sorry to hear that people felt they
> were left out a little.
> I would like for everyone to be able to participate fully. I'm confident
> that everyone shares this feeling. I'm asking you to try and avoid complex
> use of the English language, to make sure that everyone can follow.
> Although I understand that someone might be reluctant to bring this up in
> public, I urge everyone to do so if this affect you (if you prefer, you can
> do this to me in private).
> I'm looking forward to meeting everyone again in a couple of weeks!
> Regards,
>   Guus
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