[Jabber-IETF] Agenda items

Pete Chown 1 at 234.cx
Mon Oct 7 10:58:07 CDT 2002

Iain Shigeoka wrote:

> BTW, Pete, you may be interested in the JNG (Jabber: Next Generation) and
> Jabber Framing discussions we had in standards-jig about a month or so ago.

Can I read a summary of this work somewhere?

Do you think this work should be included in the RFCs that we prepare? 
Are we going to be specifying Jabber as it is used right now, or 
developing a new revision of the Jabber protocol?

>  In addition, I
> think Jabber Inc has some mods to their server to basically do the same via
> null terminated XML in order to support Flash Jabber clients using Flash
> MX's XMLSocket.

This could also be something that needs incorporating in our spec. 
Presumably this would be a 16-bit NULL value when the connection is in 
UTF-16 mode.


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