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Robert Norris rob at cataclysm.cx
Tue Oct 8 18:58:09 CDT 2002

As the original author of the SASL stuff, I'll chime in here.

> There is a problem with namespace compliance in the current drafts. 
> When SASL is to be used, this is indicated by including a SASL namespace 
> declaration.  This is not the way namespaces are intended to be used. 
> Namespaces are only significant when they are used, not when they are 
> declared.  I suppose it's a bit like writing "typedef int foo" in C, but 
> then never declaring anything to be of type foo.

I don't think its a non-compliant use of namespaces, but its certainly
unorthodox. I needed a way for the client to flag to the server that it
wanted to do a SASL auth, without breaking existing implementations.
Sending some sort of feature negotiation wouldn't work, as most existing
implementations would close the stream with an error.

Since a namespace declared on an element actually comes into scope
before the element begins, that seemed like good choice of flag (since
the declaration was going to be required at some point anyway) - if our
depth is 0, element is <stream/> and the SASL namespace is in scope,
then the client wants SASL.

> Perhaps we need a mechanism like the SMTP EHLO system, whereby a server 
> can indicate the optional features that it supports?

I agree this would be preferable.


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