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Robert Norris rob at cataclysm.cx
Wed Oct 9 19:28:43 CDT 2002

> I see what you're saying. I'm a bit concerned about the flexibility of XML
> in a wire protocol. As in this example, there are multiple XML compliant
> ways of doing the same thing. The KISS principle makes me a bit
> uncomfortable with this. I think I'd really prefer to see one particular
> XMPP valid format for the packets and namespaces unless someone can show a
> concrete benefit for allowing this flexibility.

It really depends on how the stream implementation is written. I know
from experience that it is fairly straightforward to support the full
flexibility of XML in the stream.

I would argue the other way - we're not likely to be able to think of
all the possible ways in which someone might want to use a stream, so
lets not set arbitrary limits which we might have difficulty changing

> I know I keep harping on the same issue like a broken record... *sigh* I
> just have a bad feeling about the number of possible valid variants coming
> back to bite us. Part of the simplicity of the current Jabber
> implementations is that jabberd is essentially the rosetta stone for
> clients. Practically speaking, there is only one form of tag names,
> prefixes, and namespaces in the wild. I'm really worried about a player that
> likes to "embrace and extend" coming along (if we allow full XML
> extensibility in the core) and exploiting XMPP flexibility to lock everyone
> out while claiming compatibility and spreading FUD...

I fail to see how that can happen. If we have a number of discrete data
types, each in their own namespace, then surely the worst they can do is
add one more?

If everyone decides to start using this new feature, then is that
necessarily a bad thing?


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