[Jabber-IETF] internationalization/localization

David Waite mass at akuma.org
Mon Oct 14 11:36:40 CDT 2002

>it seems to me that if one were to make two small changes to the xmpp
>specs, i.e.,
>    3a. add the xml:lang attribute to <stream:stream/>
>    3b. add the xml:lang attribute to <message/>
I don't think this is sufficient, just because there is text reported in 
presence and iq elements for client display as well. If we want a 
localized version of the registration instructions for a service exposed 
from another server, there needs to be some way of indicating the locale 
of that particular XML chunk. The only other way around this is for 
servers to have a separate connection for each locale since the 
multiplex users between servers.

The presence of the xml:lang attribute could either be specific to the 
schema for namespaces such as registration, or on the info-query 
element; I prefer the latter. The lack of an xml:lang attribute probably 
should indicate some default - either the default set in the 
stream:stream header, or English.

>and then point out in the spec that these values are used in an advisory
>role to the other side for localization purposes, then we're done.
Sounds appropriate to me.

-David Waite

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