[Jabber-IETF] Summary

Pete Chown 1 at 234.cx
Tue Oct 15 12:23:10 CDT 2002

Peter Saint-Andre wrote:

 > Agreed. Your text looks good.

Thanks. :-)

 > The purpose of dialback is not primarily to assist organizations who
 > would like to run separate inbound and outbound XMPP servers, but to
 > (as you say) "make message forgery more difficult" or, more
 > precisely, to make server spoofing more difficult (which results in
 > making message forgery more difficult).

Okay, feel free to give my text a stir around if it wasn't clear.

 > One general thought regarding xmpp-im is how much detail to provide
 > -- right now what is included there is all and only the protocol
 > necessary to address RFCs 2778/2779, not the entire scope of the
 > Jabber protocol. I think it's probably best to keep it that way, and
 > to note that there is more to the protocol than what is defined in
 > xmpp-im.

For the working group's first documents, I agree.  Later, it might well 
be beneficial to submit more of Jabber to the IETF, but it's probably 
best to approach it in manageable chunks.


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