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Ben Schumacher ben at blahr.com
Tue Oct 15 14:57:46 CDT 2002

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David Waite wrote:
|> 3.internationalization/localization
|>    it seems to me that if one were to make two small changes to the xmpp
|> specs, i.e.,
|>           3a. add the xml:lang attribute to <stream:stream/>
|>           3b. add the xml:lang attribute to <message/>
| I don't think this is sufficient, just because there is text reported in
| presence and iq elements for client display as well. If we want a
| localized version of the registration instructions for a service exposed
| from another server, there needs to be some way of indicating the locale
| of that particular XML chunk. The only other way around this is for
| servers to have a separate connection for each locale since the
| multiplex users between servers.
| The presence of the xml:lang attribute could either be specific to the
| schema for namespaces such as registration, or on the info-query
| element; I prefer the latter. The lack of an xml:lang attribute probably
| should indicate some default - either the default set in the
| stream:stream header, or English.

Can we just make this a more general assertation then? An xml:lang
attribute SHOULD appear on the stream:stream header, otherwise an
implementation/installation specific default will be used. If an
xml:lang attribute appears on an info-query or message element, its
value supersedes the default of the stream. Does this make sense, or am
I missing the point?


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