[Jabber-IETF] internationalization/localization

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Tue Oct 15 15:55:43 CDT 2002

On Tue, 15 Oct 2002, David Waite wrote:

> Ben Schumacher wrote:
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> > David Waite wrote:
> >
> > | I don't think this is sufficient, just because there is text 
> > reported in
> > | presence and iq elements for client display as well. If we want a
> > | localized version of the registration instructions for a service 
> > exposed
> > | from another server, there needs to be some way of indicating the 
> > locale
> > | of that particular XML chunk. The only other way around this is for
> > | servers to have a separate connection for each locale since the
> > | multiplex users between servers.
> > |
> > | The presence of the xml:lang attribute could either be specific to the
> > | schema for namespaces such as registration, or on the info-query
> > | element; I prefer the latter. The lack of an xml:lang attribute 
> > probably
> > | should indicate some default - either the default set in the
> > | stream:stream header, or English.
> >
> > Can we just make this a more general assertation then? An xml:lang
> > attribute SHOULD appear on the stream:stream header, otherwise an
> > implementation/installation specific default will be used. If an
> > xml:lang attribute appears on an info-query or message element, its
> > value supersedes the default of the stream. Does this make sense, or am
> > I missing the point?
> Thats fine, but it means three things:
> 1. A compliant server implementation will have to understand the 
> xml:lang attribute on each XML chunk and add them between the parsing of 
> the client input and redirection out over an interserver connection, 
> since the default stream:stream language may not be the same.

Are you saying that a server would need to add the xml:lang attribute to
every chunk? Under what circumstances? The only sense I can make of your
statement is that I may have one default xml:lang on the stream to my
server whereas my server has a different xml:lang setting on its
connection to another server. But would a server-to-server stream have an
xml:lang attribute? If so, why? If it did, would that xml:lang override in
all instances? Am I missing something here?
> 2. Some existing implementations ignore (but do not remove) unknown 
> attributes. This means that an info-query request for registration 
> information in a particular locale may return a result in the server 
> locale, but with an xml:lang attribute indicating the requested locale.

That's a problem with implementations that don't adhere to the spec (if
this becomes the spec), not with the spec itself.

> 3. The server may stamp its default locale in its stream:stream header 
> to the client. If it does not, it would need to indicate the locale of 
> every XML chunk sent to the client, or the client would have no way of 
> knowing this default locale.

Then it might be best for the server to indicate its default locale and
for the client to indicate its default locale, in the respective streams
from server to client and client to server.


Peter Saint-Andre
Jabber Software Foundation

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