[Jabber-IETF] internationalization/localization

Joe Hildebrand JHildebrand at jabber.com
Tue Oct 15 16:50:42 CDT 2002

The problem is when we have s2s situations, including using a GroupChat
service on a remote server.  (Example: I access jdev at conference.jabber.org
from my jabber.com account).

It is likely that the remote service would want to know my locale, so that
the configuration information for rooms could be localized for me.  How
should it determine that?

Yes, you could argue that this should be the responsibility of the groupchat
protocol (which is not currently in scope for the IETF work), but I think
there is a generic problem here.

Let me try to boil a suggestion down to an algorithm that a server could
1) The client SHOULD include xml:lang on stream:stream.
2) If server sees xml:lang on the stream:stream, it SHOULD remember that
3) If the server does not receive an xml:lang from the client, it SHOULD
have a configurable default locale that it remembers instead.
4) For all packets, if the client does not send an xml:lang attribute on the
root tag of the packet, the server SHOULD apply its remembered value.
5) If the client does send an xml:lang attribute on a packet, the server
MUST NOT modify or delete it.

Joe Hildebrand

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> > Then it might be best for the server to indicate its 
> default locale and
> > for the client to indicate its default locale, in the 
> respective streams
> > from server to client and client to server.
> i agree. simpler is better: tag it once, on the <stream ... element.
> /mtr
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