[Jabber-IETF] Charter changes requested by the IESG

Joe Hildebrand JHildebrand at jabber.com
Fri Oct 18 12:29:01 CDT 2002

I agree with you.  The first one is really good advice.  The second one,
while potentially distracting (particularly the intersection of encryption
and multi-way chat), is a good thing for us to keep in mind.

Joe Hildebrand

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> Subject: [Jabber-IETF] Charter changes requested by the IESG
> So the IESG wants a couple of additions to our charter. The both seem 
> innocuous, but I wanted to pass them by the group. Please let me know 
> if anyone has a problem with these changes. Otherwise, I'm going to 
> tell the IESG "go for it" before Monday rolls around.
> First, at the end of the second paragraph, they would like to add:
> "Note: If a requirement of RFC2779 or the final CPIM specification 
> cannot be met, the working group will document why this requirement 
> cannot be met."
> Jeff Schiller explains: "I added a sentence to the second paragraph 
> that permits deviation from RFC2279 as long as the rationale is 
> documented (I personally believe that some of the requirements can 
> only be met if we have a globally deployed PKI in place, which I 
> don't see happening anytime soon! I don't want this WG to get stuck 
> in that brand of mud)."
> Sounds like a fine piece of advice. They also added an 
> additional paragraph:
> "There are facilities, such as chat rooms, shared white-boards and 
> similar services that are not currently discussed in RFC2778 and 
> RFC2779. When designing security mechanisms, the working group will 
> keep in mind that we expect XMPP to be extended or adapted to 
> facilitate these additional services, so that design decisions can be 
> made that will not preclude providing these services in the future."
> Again, seems OK to keep those things in mind.
> Anyone have any problems with those additions?
> pr
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