[Jabber-IETF] Charter changes requested by the IESG

Tony Bamonti tbamonti at jabber.com
Fri Oct 18 12:30:27 CDT 2002

This all sounds fine to me.....the first is preemptive and in our best
interests and the second is something that should happen by default because
many extensions have or are being worked on within the Jabber Software
Foundation whose membership is expected to actively participate in XMPP


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So the IESG wants a couple of additions to our charter. The both seem 
innocuous, but I wanted to pass them by the group. Please let me know 
if anyone has a problem with these changes. Otherwise, I'm going to 
tell the IESG "go for it" before Monday rolls around.

First, at the end of the second paragraph, they would like to add:

"Note: If a requirement of RFC2779 or the final CPIM specification 
cannot be met, the working group will document why this requirement 
cannot be met."

Jeff Schiller explains: "I added a sentence to the second paragraph 
that permits deviation from RFC2279 as long as the rationale is 
documented (I personally believe that some of the requirements can 
only be met if we have a globally deployed PKI in place, which I 
don't see happening anytime soon! I don't want this WG to get stuck 
in that brand of mud)."

Sounds like a fine piece of advice. They also added an additional paragraph:

"There are facilities, such as chat rooms, shared white-boards and 
similar services that are not currently discussed in RFC2778 and 
RFC2779. When designing security mechanisms, the working group will 
keep in mind that we expect XMPP to be extended or adapted to 
facilitate these additional services, so that design decisions can be 
made that will not preclude providing these services in the future."

Again, seems OK to keep those things in mind.

Anyone have any problems with those additions?

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