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On Fri, 2002-10-18 at 12:55, Pete Resnick wrote:
> For those of you who would rather see it in all its glory, here is 
> the entire charter with the IESG changes:
> Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (xmpp)
> -------------------------------------------------
> Chair(s):
> Pete Resnick <presnick at qualcomm.com>
> Applications Area Director(s):
> Ned Freed <ned.freed at mrochek.com>
> Patrik Faltstrom <paf at cisco.com>
> Applications Area Advisor:
> Patrik Faltstrom <paf at cisco.com>
> Mailing Lists:
> General Discussion:xmppwg at jabber.org
> To Subscribe: xmppwg-request at jabber.org
> In Body: subscribe
> Archive:
> http://www.jabber.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/xmppwg
> Description of Working Group:
> XMPP is an open, XML-based protocol for near real-time extensible 
> messaging and presence. It is the core protocol of the Jabber Instant 
> Messaging and Presence technology which is currently deployed on 
> thousands of servers across the Internet and is used by millions of 
> people worldwide. The XMPP working group shall adapt the XMPP for use 
> as an IETF Instant Messaging and Presence technology.
> The working group will use XMPP (as described in draft-miller-xmpp-*) 
> as the basis of its work. The final specifications will be consistent 
> as much as practical with both the requirements given in RFC2779 and 
> the interoperability details in the final version of the CPIM 
> specification (draft-ietf-impp-cpim). Note: If a requirement of 
> RFC2779 or the final CPIM specification cannot be met, the working 
> group will document why this requirement cannot be met.
> A major goal of the working group will be to extend the current XMPP 
> protocols to provide finished support for RFC 2779-compliant security 
> mechanisms, including authentication, privacy, access control and 
> end-to-end as well as hop-by-hop message security. 
> Mandatory-to-implement security mechanisms will be specified as 
> needed in order to guarantee secure protocol interoperability.
> The working group shall also add support for internationalization and 
> localization to XMPP.
> Instant messaging differs from email primarily by requiring 
> relatively short delivery latency guarantees and, typically, less 
> robust transport service. In addition, instant messaging includes the 
> notion of presence information so authorized users can determine if 
> their correspondents are available.
> BCP 41 will be the basis for working group consideration of the 
> transport implications of the XMPP design with respect to network 
> congestion.
> Although not encouraged, non-backwards-compatible changes to the 
> basis specifications will be acceptable if the working group 
> determines that the changes are required to meet the group's 
> technical objectives and the group clearly documents the reasons for 
> making them.
> There are facilities, such as chat rooms, shared white-boards and 
> similar services that are not currently discussed in RFC2778 and 
> RFC2779. When designing security mechanisms, the working group will 
> keep in mind that we expect XMPP to be extended or adapted to 
> facilitate these additional services, so that design decisions can be 
> made that will not preclude providing these services in the future.
> Goals and Milestones:
> OCT 02       Prepare revised specifications reflecting issues and 
> solutions identified by the working group
> NOV 02       Meet at the 55th IETF to discuss current drafts
> DEC 02       Submit revised specifications to the IESG for 
> consideration as standards-track publications
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