[xmppwg] stream:error codes

Joe Hildebrand JHildebrand at jabber.com
Tue Oct 22 17:23:52 CDT 2002

I had read that differently, that the old session getting kicked off would
get a stream:error as today, but just with a 409, and that the system could
otherwise continue to work the same way.

There are certain people that like the MSN-style single connection approach
that you get by using the same resource everywhere.  We should continue to
support them.

Joe Hildebrand

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> > 409 -- Conflict (already have existing resource that 
> matches the resource 
> > of the new stream -- in current implementations the 
> existing stream is
> > closed and the new one is accepted)
> I question whether this should be a stream error. Not all 
> streams have a
> resource (eg dialback streams), and the resource is tied to a session.
> Surely the better place for a 409 would be in response to the iq:auth
> set that starts the session?
> Rob.
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