[xmppwg] stream:error codes

Jer jer at jabber.org
Wed Oct 23 11:40:27 CDT 2002

The original intention of the stream namespace was to be a simple 
"on/off" carrier, a simple wrapper, and the application namespace(s) 
would do all of the work and communicate any/all of the errors in a way 
that they understand.  Besides the already mentioned problems with a 
409, a 404 also doesn't make sense, since the to="" attribute is in the 
jabber:* namespace, not part of the stream.  A few of the other error 
codes might be helpful to give the application some hint as to why it 
disconnected, but they don't really provide any new functionality other 
than more deterministic disconnected errors.


On Tuesday, October 22, 2002, at 04:02 PM, Peter Saint-Andre wrote:

> I'd like to propose that we add meaningful error and status codes to
> XML streams. At a minimum I would see the following:
> 400 -- Bad Request (e.g., malformed XML, incorrect streams namespace)
> 404 -- Not Found (no host matching 'to' address of opening stream)
> 409 -- Conflict (already have existing resource that matches the 
> resource
> of the new stream -- in current implementations the existing stream is
> closed and the new one is accepted)
> 500 -- Internal Server Error (e.g., shutdown of session manager)
> We could also implement some 300-series redirects, 407 (Registration
> Required), and 501 (if a node attempts to connect using an unsupported
> mechanism). Any others?
> I would see these being implemented as so:
>   1. client sends bad xml (or whatever)
>   2. server sends error and closes the stream:
>        <stream:error code='400'>Bad Request</stream:error>
>      </stream>
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