[xmppwg] Namespace with fixed prefix issues

David Waite mass at akuma.org
Fri Oct 25 23:13:37 CDT 2002

On Friday, Oct 25, 2002, at 16:50 America/Denver, Jer wrote:
> So it's part of our legacy, and I don't like it either :)  Couldn't 
> the spec require that the namespaces and prefixes are actually handled 
> properly, but for compatibility reasons the "stream:" prefix should be 
> used? If so, is it worth it?

If you mean that software implementations may (but not must) choose to 
use the suggested prefixes when outputting XML for compatibility with 
legacy systems, I'm all in favor of that.

The fallout would be that implementations must not treat the presence 
of a namespace definition or that namespace being assigned a certain 
prefix or to the default namespace as context - they must process based 
on the qualified name of the particular Xml element or attribute. This 
would mean that very few existing implementations would be 'forward 
compatible' with the specification, but this seems to have been thought 
of as a good change when proposed in the past (when phrased as 'correct 
namespace handling').

-David Waite

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