[xmppwg] We have liftoff

Pete Resnick presnick at qualcomm.com
Thu Oct 31 13:26:09 CST 2002

Congrats folks! I've just gotten word from Patrik and the IESG has 
approved the charter for XMPP. The official announcement should be 
made in short order.

Let me take this opportunity to also officially introduce to you my 
new co-chair. Lisa Dusseault <lisa at xythos.com>, who has been doing IM 
things for quite some time and from whom you have recently seen 
messages on the list, has agreed to join me as co-chair of the XMPP 
working group. Given the scheduled fast pace of the working group 
(which is a little slower than what we originally signed up for, but 
still pretty darn quick), having her on board will make all of our 
lives much easier (especially mine). Please welcome her aboard.

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