[xmppwg] JEPs and Internet-Drafts

Lisa Dusseault lisa at xythos.com
Thu Oct 31 23:06:49 CST 2002

I've noticed this week a couple references to content/proposals in JEP
documents.  What is the group's intent with respect to these documents?

IETF practice is that unless proposals are published in Internet-Draft
format.  The Internet-Draft format entails certain guarantees:  that the
draft will be readable by pretty much everybody, that they are archived
in a predictable manner, that there are certain intellectual property
rights guaranteed to the IETF, and finally that anybody interested can
get notified about new versions in a predictable manner.

Because of this practice, it wouldn't be a good idea to refer people to
JEP documents during Working Group meetings (ie. Atlanta).  Attendees
who read I-Ds but do not keep up with the mailing list will be
justifiably annoyed, because the general practice is that if one reads
up on the I-Ds published by a working group one is sufficiently informed
to have an opinion.  

It's not too late to add material from important JEPs to the three
existing I-Ds if we plan to discuss that material in Atlanta. The
deadline for updates to existing I-Ds is Nov 4 so there's not much time.
It's already too late for brand new drafts.

While we're at it, we should start planning the agenda for subjects to
be discussed at the Atlanta meeting.  Have I missed any thoughts on that

BTW It's a pleasure to be involved in XMPP & I'm looking forward to
working with everybody in this group.


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