[xmppwg] New charter please

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Mon Mar 30 13:26:42 CDT 2009

On 3/30/09 9:37 AM, Cullen Jennings wrote:
> I want to get a charter I can send to the IESG and IAB to start the
> working group approval process. Can folks on the list make whatever
> changes are needed to the charter and send me a copy when it is close to
> ready. It does not need to be perfect, there were sill be many chances
> to change it.
> Roughly what happens from here is:
> 1) the folks on this list looks at the charter and make changes

The last version I posted is here:


We had some discussion at the BOF about the end-to-end encryption item,
see here @ [01:55:03] ....


In the meeting I proposed removing the reference to RFC 3923 with the
following text:

"Another goal of the group is to develop a method for end-to-end
encryption, preferably based on well known and widely deployed security

Kurt Zeilenga also asked for clarification about what is out of scope:


Call me a strict constructionist, but I think that what's in scope is
what is explicitly defined in the charter. Anything else is out of scope
until and unless the group recharters. Or so it seems to me.


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