[JDEV] UI opinions..

Tim Lesher timl at epix.net
Thu Aug 5 07:07:18 CDT 1999

> Actually I would like seeing skinning *not* supported, just as a matter of
> resource conservation.  I really have no need to skin an IM.

Note that I didn't say I wanted to see skinning because I need it or use it.
I simply said that skinnable interfaces would attract a certain, and I
believe large, segment of the population.  Looking at the popularity of
NeoPlanet, WinAmp, KDE, Enlightenment, et al, it appears that people want
that kind of functionality.

Given the ease-of-use of the Jabber client libraries, I'll bet hard currency
that *someone* is going to write a skinnable client.

Tim Lesher
mailto:timl at epix.net

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