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arh14 at cornell.edu arh14 at cornell.edu
Thu Aug 5 08:29:53 CDT 1999

Right...the code size is not my concern...that will probably be 
negligable, and RAM is a dime a dozen these days.  My overzealous 
resource conservation concern was that it takes CPU (and whatever other 
OS resources) to load all that stuff, set up the handlers, blit the 
bitmaps, etc, etc.  I'm just being an old crank.  I realize it's probably 
negligable, but I want it to run as fast as possible on slow boxes (and 
if you've used ICQ lately you may have noticed that on slow machines 
(<75mhz!?) all those bells and whistles really load it down). 
Sure...someone will probably hack the executable resources anyway (like 
they started with Winamp).


On Thu, 5 Aug 1999, Thomas D. Charron wrote:

>   I can build it without the overhead..  They just won't be able to move buttons, etc..  ;-P  Basically, instead of using REAL buttons, you use bitmaps that use onclick/onover, etc..  Then allow them to configure it to use different bitmaps, otherwise, uses build in ones, which, if done correctly, only add like 20k to the final..
>   I CAN say that this will NOT be in the WinJab, which is the default client that I'd like to point out, is ready for CVS checkin.. ;-P  CVS fixed yet?
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> Thomas Charron
> On Thu, 5 Aug 1999 08:07:18    Tim Lesher wrote:
> >> Actually I would like seeing skinning *not* supported, just as a matter of
> >> resource conservation.  I really have no need to skin an IM.
> >
> >Note that I didn't say I wanted to see skinning because I need it or use it.
> >I simply said that skinnable interfaces would attract a certain, and I
> >believe large, segment of the population.  Looking at the popularity of
> >NeoPlanet, WinAmp, KDE, Enlightenment, et al, it appears that people want
> >that kind of functionality.
> >
> >Given the ease-of-use of the Jabber client libraries, I'll bet hard currency
> >that *someone* is going to write a skinnable client.
> >
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