[JDEV] JabberBeans

Patrick McCuller patrick at kia.net
Thu Aug 5 13:20:21 CDT 1999

	JabberBeans has been in alpha releasable form since the weekend, but no CVS
= no JabberBeans update. Email me if you're interested; I'll set up an FTP
site if anyone responds. (patrick at kia.net)

	A brief review of JabberBeans, the only known Java client library for

	1) Compact. JabberBeans is a 40K compressed jar file.

	2) Extensible. The XML parser is abstracted, letting you substitute your
favorite brand.

	3) Multithreaded, Multichanneled. Designed to support as many simultaneous
channels as the client cares to.

	4) Asynchronous. Received packets are parsed and sent to application event

	5) Easy to use.

	6) 100% Java.

	7) Free.

	8) Shiny.

	9) New.

	10. Implements all of the current protocol that I'm aware of. (connection,
login, message, status, roster)

	JabberBeans also features a strong design, courtesy of the original author,
Michael Nygard. This makes it relatively easy to extend and adapt to
protocol changes, additional packet types, etc.

	A fully functioning client is not available yet.


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