[JDEV] Jabber Client feature question: scripting

arh14 at cornell.edu arh14 at cornell.edu
Thu Aug 5 13:48:10 CDT 1999

Rhino is a Javascript interpreter written in 100% Java.  I'm not sure if 
it is oriented too much towards browsers though.  It is MPL'ed.  Pick it 
up at mozilla.org.


On Thu, 5 Aug 1999, Patrick McCuller wrote:

> My question is: what scripting language would you want to use to customize a
> Jabber client?
> 	I'm building a scripting engine into my Jabber client (based
> on...JabberBeans). Scripts will be called on the firing of several event
> types, such as: message about to be sent, message sent, message received,
> and so on.  I've build a ScriptEngine interface and a subclassable
> BasicScriptEngine. They have a fairly simple interface:
> getLocalVariable()
> setLocalVariable()
> setScript()
> getScript()
> evaluate()
> 	The intention is for third parties to build their own script interpreter
> adapter. I have adapters for Beanshell and JPython already.  My question is:
> what scripting languages would you want to use to customize a Jabber client?
> The easiest to support are ones with Java interpreters, because my client is
> written in Java, but I'm pretty handy with JNI and can always build a
> bridge.
> Patrick
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