[JDEV] My evil plans for a client.

Vivre Draco cfc at paganpaths.org
Fri Aug 6 16:00:32 CDT 1999

On 6 Aug 99,, Scott Robinson sounded off on [JDEV] My evil plans for a client.:

> But back into reality, I'd love to make another suggestion for
> client fun. MIME support! Messages encoded in MIME (and the clients
> have a rudimentery (sp?) mailcap) could allow for a whole new world
> of kick-ass messenging. Why send text when I can send an encoded
> mp3? (ed. Let's hope we're all on cable modems or better.) I want
> to send my breakup message with a little "I will survive" MIDI
> attached. You can see where I'm going with this... 

   Oh... Gods... No.

   If you do this, their damned better be an option so not only do I 
not have to listen to all the shit ppl attach, I don't even have to 
waste time downloading it.

   Ugh... If Jabber messages get turned into webpages, with all the 
crap lamers put on their pages -- useless midis, animated gifs, etc --
I'll stick with ICQ.

"I am not an idealist, nor a cynic, 
 but merely unafraid of contradictions." 
--Donald Hogan 

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