[JDEV] My evil plans for a client.

Kemal 'disq' Hadimli disq at sanane.com
Fri Aug 6 19:45:44 CDT 1999

On Fri, 6 Aug 1999, Thomas D. Charron wrote:
> 1) Somehow state the maximum packet size allowed.. <line deleted to EOL>
> 2) If a packet reaches a predefined size, disconnect, delete all data that that message EVER existed, and send a nastygram to the from addy, along with an info message to the dest user.
> 3) Keep track of and monitor maximum server side storage..  Aka, if an offline file get's X big, refuse all future messages for that user, with an error stating that they have exceeded their server side storage limitation.
yes. good idea. ;)

>   For that matter, perhaps a client feature would be 'maximum possible packet size'.  If it reaches a certain peak, it prompts the user if they want to abort..  (Aka, send nasty message to server, ban user, and disconnect/reconnect)..
hmm. cool. (added to TODO :P )

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